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Way back in 2011 I fully developed Estrela Green Tracks app, a tour guide to a public sector client.
Both native versions were developed from scratch on Android and iOS.

Yesterday the app was featured as an example of a 100% made in Portugal product in a TV show.

It does show its old age of 7 years, specially design wise. But still kicking and being used for its intended purpose. :)

Here’s the video link:
Reference to Estrela Green Tracks – Video in Portuguese


Link for Android app: Android Version

Link for iOS app: iOS Version

Startup project created

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It’s been a while since I posted something here and much has changed.

Besides providing consulting development services I also founded a company called Wherespet ( ) .

Wherespet develop safety and security technology for our (usually) furry four-legged best friends: dogs, cats and others.

I had the luck of meeting great people to help me carry out this project and we are now on the third year, with a successful GPS tracker product and many more projects in the works.

Don’t forget to visit:


Wherespet Logo

Continuous Operational Costs Reduction

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What is it

“Continuous Operational Costs Reduction” is the process of identifying operational procedures that are either unnecessary or can be replaced by an automated software tool, thus saving the time of work to be used on other vital tasks.

This is a new service I’m currently providing to governmental institutions and to the private sector.

An example

Let’s say you manage a team of 10 people. Let’s also assume each team member uses 20 minutes every work day doing a repetitive task on an Excel Spreadsheet.

At the end of a single year, your team will have wasted a total of 40.000 minutes (assuming each team member works 11 months per year at 5 work days per week)!

That’s : ~733 hours of work <=> ~18 weeks of work full-time of an employee (40 work hours per week) <=> ~4.5 months of work full-time by one employee

So, if your average employee has a salary of 1500 EUR / month, your team is wasting ~6750 EUR every year on that “little” task. Now, imagine if your team’s operational procedures have more than one of these situations… Something needs to be done!

IT solutions to the rescue

Unlike tasks that require creativity and are, to this day, completely dependent of human interaction, repetitive tasks can always be done by machines much more efficiently and faster than any human could possibly aim to achieve.

A simple software tool, that’s programmed to do a simple, but lengthier, task can reduce what would take a human 20 minutes to do, to less than a 10th of a second by a computer. Gradually implementing these solutions will significantly reduce costs with human resources.

Hire me

By hiring me as independent consultant, you’ll get:
1) your team’s operational procedures analysed
2) unnecessary procedures identified
3) tasks that can be performed more efficiently by computers are identified
4) IT solutions are proposed
5) IT solutions are developed
6) Staff is trained to work with new software tools


most importantly -> monthly operational costs are reduced

First step is to contact me and schedule a free appointment by Skype.

Should my Business have an App ?

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Mobile Marketing
Fifteen years ago, businesses were asking a similar question: “Should my Business have a Website?”. The answer was “Yes”!

Hotels today, as an example, get on average ~70% of their reservations done on-line. Owning a quality website is therefore of utmost importance to guarantee their success.

So, if businesses need an app, what role will it play in the future? Also, websites can be prepared in a way that makes them easy to visit on mobile devices, but should apps really be little more than website versions that can be distributed through the AppStore or Google Play ??

These are just some of the typical questions business owners may face when considering mobile marketing as a way to achieve additional sales.

How does mobile marketing through owning a mobile app compare with traditional advertising ?

Most traditional advertising methods focus on both letting potential clients know your business exists and remembering existing clients you are still in business and waiting for them.

Mobile Marketing through an app focus almost exclusively on the second part, reminding your existing clients you exist. But it does this better than any of the traditional methods, so long the app is well planned and produced!

Only people that know your business will most likely find your app. They’ll actually only learn about its existence when they visit your business to purchase something… So you may be wondering, “What’s the point of that? They already know me!”

Well, having a mobile app to promote your business is all about keeping your existing clients engaged and being able to reach them in a smart (NON-SPAM) way anywhere and at anytime.

Mobile Marketing is NOT SPAM on your client's cellphone

McDonalds knows you know they exist, but they are constantly reminding you of that because they know that by doing it, you’ll come back time after time. They didn’t get rich from selling you one single McBurger, they got rich because they sold each of their clients more that 50 and will continue to sell more, so long they let you know they are still out there.

What makes a success app for business promotion

When your business has an app, it must:
1) Offer the user something of value related with your business
2) Show your brand and contact
3) Be beautifully designed and developed

“Offer the user something of value related with your business”
When you create a mobile app, you should remember that your number one objective it to make its users keep it installed on their device. They’ll only keep the app installed if they like it, something which is only possible if:
a) the app offers valuable information for their lives
b) amuses them

“Show your brand and contact”
Clients are unlikely to keep your business contact in their address book. On the other hand, if they own your great useful app and need a service or a product you sell, I guarantee you’ll be the number one service/product provider they’ll remember to contact!

“Be beautifully designed and developed”
Shiny, easy to use and responsive. That’s what your app needs! If it’s slow and ugly it will quickly get uninstalled.

If they keep it installed, they’ll use it. If they use it, they’ll remember your business exists. If they remember your business exists they’ll buy more more from you.

I already own a website compatible with smaller mobile device screens, should I bother with having a native mobile app?

Native apps look better, are more responsive, faster to use and above all allow important technical capabilities mobile websites don’t.

What does it cost to own a mobile app?

It depends on the complexity of the app and how fast it must be developed. Single freelancers can handle work than can range from costing anywhere from 500 EUR to 10.000 EUR on reasonable development periods.

Simple facts for your consideration:
Higher complexity -> more time it is required to develop the app -> higher investment
Shorter deadlines -> higher commitment from the freelancer -> higher investment

Mobile software development is a highly technical task. A developer requires years of study and training to be able to provide the quality work your business will require.

Do apps work on every device?

You have three technical approaches to develop an app:
1) Web based app – essentially a mobile website (the cheapest and less valuable option)
2) Using a multi-platform app generator – much more limited and generally less responsive
3) Developing native apps (potential for top quality – highest investment)

Options 1) and 2) imply developments that can be made so that the end product runs sufficiently well on multiple platforms.

Option number 3) requires a new development for each platform. Typically, you’ll reach approximately 90% of mobile phone/tablet users by developing two native mobile app versions (iOS and Android). The second version to be developed is usually around 15-20% cheaper to develop than the first one because planning and designing work doesn’t need to be redone.

OK, so you think your business REALLY needs a mobile app. What’s next?

Contact me :) I’ll gladly schedule a skype call with you to discuss your idea and/or share ideas on how a mobile app can take your business to the next level.

New Website

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Just released, welcome!

Here you’ll find about my work as mobile software developer, my current services and contact.

Feel free to contact me so that we can schedule a skype call to discuss your app development needs.