Continuous Operational Costs Reduction

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What is it

“Continuous Operational Costs Reduction” is the process of identifying operational procedures that are either unnecessary or can be replaced by an automated software tool, thus saving the time of work to be used on other vital tasks.

This is a new service I’m currently providing to governmental institutions and to the private sector.

An example

Let’s say you manage a team of 10 people. Let’s also assume each team member uses 20 minutes every work day doing a repetitive task on an Excel Spreadsheet.

At the end of a single year, your team will have wasted a total of 40.000 minutes (assuming each team member works 11 months per year at 5 work days per week)!

That’s : ~733 hours of work <=> ~18 weeks of work full-time of an employee (40 work hours per week) <=> ~4.5 months of work full-time by one employee

So, if your average employee has a salary of 1500 EUR / month, your team is wasting ~6750 EUR every year on that “little” task. Now, imagine if your team’s operational procedures have more than one of these situations… Something needs to be done!

IT solutions to the rescue

Unlike tasks that require creativity and are, to this day, completely dependent of human interaction, repetitive tasks can always be done by machines much more efficiently and faster than any human could possibly aim to achieve.

A simple software tool, that’s programmed to do a simple, but lengthier, task can reduce what would take a human 20 minutes to do, to less than a 10th of a second by a computer. Gradually implementing these solutions will significantly reduce costs with human resources.

Hire me

By hiring me as independent consultant, you’ll get:
1) your team’s operational procedures analysed
2) unnecessary procedures identified
3) tasks that can be performed more efficiently by computers are identified
4) IT solutions are proposed
5) IT solutions are developed
6) Staff is trained to work with new software tools


most importantly -> monthly operational costs are reduced

First step is to contact me and schedule a free appointment by Skype.